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Welcome to MetaMolecules NFT collection where our passion towards chemistry and art merge. We have hand picked 100 organic compounds that represent milestones in synthetic chemistry and the ones that are essential for our everyday life.

To celebrate these small wonders our talented artists have translated their chemical structures into gorgeous 3D art which you can now own in the form of an NFT. Moreover, our dedicated chemists have added fun and quirky but scientifically correct descriptions of their properties and biological effects.

We hope that the meta-molecules collection will reignite your spark of curiosity  and make you feel excited about science once again.

    Nature’s creativity has produced a vast diversity of molecules. From the simple linear structure of Cadaverine to huge compounds with all sorts of twists and turns such as Tetrodotoxin. This collection will guide you through a wonderful world of molecules with fascinating history and myriad applications.


The collection consists of 655 NFTs that are spread across 100 unique molecules grouped in 4 rarity tiers. Each unique molecule is accompanied with description of its main properties and the most important biological effects.


50 Common molecules with 9 copies each, such as:

25 Uncommon molecules  with  6 copies each, such as:

15 Rare   molecules with   3 copies each, such as:

10 Ultra Rare unique molecules, such as:


 - Antibiotic -

Penicilin was isolated in 1928 from yeast by Alexander Fleming. During the WW2 it helped save millions of lives. Nowadays it is synthesized in huge quantities and to this day represents an essential weapon against bacterial infections.


- Stimulant -

Helps muscle and nerve growth. Though it can be found in energy drinks, a much better source of taurine are fish and eggs.


- Stimulant -

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is primarily obtained from the leaves of South american coca bush. It produces an intense feeling of happiness, agitation, it also increases heart rate and blood pressure. These effects last 5 to 90 minutes after which your life can be ruined in a number of ways.

Nucleoside triphosphate

- Energy -

ATP is the energy currency of life. "Essentially all the physiological mechanisms that require energy for operation obtain it directly from the stored ATP."


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● What are meta-molecules?

The very first educational NFT collection created by a team of programmers, 3D artists and a chemist. We have carefully curated a list of organic molecules based on their importance to our daily lives and modern organic synthesis and managed to translate their exact molecular structures into stunning 3D art.

● How is this project different from the other NFT projects?

We hope that beside its artistic value, the meta-molecules project will also serve educational purposes, promote science and educate young people in an intriguing and visually appealing way. In addition, this is the first NFT collection backed by an established scientist.

● Do real-life molecules really look like this?

While this is an artistic representation, it is based on an actual 3D shape of the molecules. 3D models are generated by software used by professional chemists which calculates the most probable conformation based on molecular dynamics.

● What happens after I purchase my meta-molecule?

Your NFT will be transferred and viewable in your wallet as well as on OpenSea marketplace. Holding a meta-molecule in your wallet makes you eligible to participate in all post mint events and grants you a whitelist spot for our future projects.

● What is the team behind meta-Molecules?

Mr.Meta - Is a chemist. He once used 10g of organic chemicals over the course of 6 months to synthesize 15mg of new organic compound. It was at that moment that he realized that organic chemistry is mostly about creating waste. Thus he turned to creating something from nothing - NFTs.

NAFETS - Warhammer 40k geek and Emperor worshiper. Supports organic chemistry only so that he could finish reading Horus Heresy. Yea, he also codes a bit...sometimes, not a lot.

Kripto Kopitar - Take that away and what are you? ...Elemon master, Son of Midas, Pro minter?

Flux - Artist Supreme, and an Average Axie Enjoyer... After conquering the world of Professional Gaming, he now set his sights on a much larger prize.



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